Each week on the Calvary podcast, you’ll hear teaching from Lead Pastor Nick Pierce or one of the Calvary pastors. Get practical, relevant, biblical perspectives as we walk through books of the Bible. Visit us at www.ccloto.org or download the Calvary Chapel app to stay connected.

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A Blameless Life

Just as God provided a way for Noah and his family to be saved in the ark, He also has provided a way for us to be saved through Jesus Christ. And we can walk just as ...

The Life of an Under-Rower

Paul modeled, and we should adopt, the attitude of an under-rower.

The Rest and Comfort of Jesus

Man is appointed mortal sorrowful, the blessed God shall come down, teaching, his death shall bring the despairing rest and comfort.

Room At The Table | "Building A Legacy" Campaign Launch

In Luke 14, the parable of the banquet: the heart of the Father is that the banquet would be FULL! We are merely reflecting the heart of the Father to our community

Walking in the Will of God

Pastor Cliff explains walking in the will of god by prayer, purity, and praise.

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